Dear Pulitzer Prize Committee: what is the point of you? Though we enjoyed this year's editorial-writing and fiction trolling — how very internet of you, Pulitzer Prize Committee — you are still, basically, worthless, and, worse, boring. You need some kind of makeover. You need Ryan Seacrest to host the awards. You need new categories, Pulitzer Prize Committee. We have some suggestions:

  • Public Service (Super Bowl Time)
  • Public Service (Celebrity Death Hoax Debunk)
  • Michelle Obama Eating Hamburgers Reporting
  • Teenagers Displaying Selfishness, Ignorance or Racism in Tweets Reporting
  • March Bracket for Something Wacky That Isn't Basketball Teams Reporting
  • Reminding People About the 90s Reporting
  • Pasting Wikipedia Articles Into Your Blog Posts Reporting
  • Contrarianism (Posturing)
  • Contrarianism (Trolling)
  • Criticism (Passive-Aggressive Tweet)
  • Criticism (Anonymous Comment)
  • Opinion (Girls)
  • Opinion (Everything Else)
  • Nip Slip Photography
  • Corgi Photography
  • Instagram of Food

Feel free to add more in the comments. (Blog Post Rehashes of Twitter Jokes Reporting, for example.)