Lester Breslow, the man whose good health advice you ignore, passed away last Monday at the ripe old-age of 97. How? Mostly by following his own advice.

Behold, some sage Breslowian pearls of wisdom that could lead you to a long and healthy life:

1. Breslow proposed 7 "groundbreaking" habits of healthy, common sense living: don't smoke, don't drink too much, sleep enough, exercise sometimes, eat square meals, don't be fat, and eat breakfast.

2. Don't hang out with losers who smoke and drink all the time, even if they are your family: "In the long run, housing may be more important than hospitals to health" Word. Get rid of 'em.

3. Take care of your shit before it gets out of control: Breslow was one of the earliest American proponents of preventative medicine, but was met with Copernican-like scorn. He was told by the California Public Health Department, "to take his crazy ideas back to Minnesota and try them there." Oh God, California, that's so unlike you.

What did Mr. Breslow, the man, like to do? Garden, exercise moderation, hang out with friends and family, be a teetotaler, have a successful career, and generally be real. Ladies and gentlemen, a great man has passed.

[Via LA Times, image from UCLA Dept. of Health Services]