George is just your average happy-go-lucky goldfish. Except for the fact that he looks like Adolf Hitler.

"George's colour has changed a lot over the years, he was originally brown," owner Deborah Cochrane, an office worker from Belfast, is quoted as saying. "But he has stayed a glorious orange over the past year or two and that's when the moustache developed."

In addition to the signature stache, Hitler and George share another similarity: They're both vegetarians. "He refuses to eat fish food," says Cochrane. "He will only eat vegetables and particularly loves his peas."

Recently, Cochrane admits she's begun to worry George might be taking this doppelganger thing too far. "Whenever I walk into the same room as George," she says, "I notice he often has a fin raised and worry he is trying to indoctrinate me."

[photos via Weekly World News]