During a recent interview with Fuse contributor William Goodman, Hole co-founder Eric Erlandson revealed that, shortly before his 1994 suicide, Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain was hard at work on a solo release that "would have been his White Album."

He went on to say that rough demos of Cobain's solo material are out there, and he hopes they will one day be released.

"I'm not in control of things," Erlandson said. " I just wish something would come together. I think the fans would be a lot happier. If nobody ever hears those songs, except for like three people, then … that's the way it goes."

Elaborating on the musical direction of the unreleased demos, Erlandson said the song "Do Re Mi" off the 2004 box set With the Lights Out offers a glimpse of what would have been. He also noted that one of the tracks was a cover, but wouldn't reveal the name of the artist being covered. Asked if it was a surprising choice, Erlandson responded, "No, it's not surprising. It's a very sweet, just touching song."

In related Erlandson news, the guitarist recently reunited with former bandmates Patty Schemel, Melissa Auf der Maur, and Courtney Love to perform two songs at Williamsburg's Public Assembly.

[NME, photo via Getty]