If you were looking for NRA president Wayne LaPierre's response to the Trayvon Martin case, you're not going to find it. At the annual NRA meeting, LaPierre said he would not comment "without a full understanding of the facts." He did, however, accuse the media of not caring about other violent crimes — presumably those not involving guns? And then he told us how he really felt.

You manufacture controversy for ratings. You don't care about the truth, and the truth is the national news media in this country is a national disgrace … and it's getting worse every single day. Your dishonesty, duplicity and moral irresponsibility is directly contributing to the collapse of American freedom in our country.

OK, Wayne. Message received.

LaPierre went on to note that, of course, some asshole reporter is going to take his words out of context to make him look like a gun-toting nut. To be clear, I had not referred to LaPierre as a gun-toting nut until the previous sentence.

Weirdly, he ended on a 9/11 reference, which — while always a crowd-pleaser — doesn't have much to do with gun control or the media, as far as I can tell.

Right now, there's a reporter out there writing the NRA is paranoid and that I'm crazy. That reporter should think of what it must have felt like on that fateful September day in the World Trade Center.

Yeah, that'll teach him ... something.

[Image via AP]