Mitt Romney has reportedly been offered a Saturday Night Live hosting gig by executive producer Lorne Michaels himself. The last time a candidate hosted the show was in 1996 when GOP candidate Steve Forbes hosted. (He never made it to the general election.)

While Romney's comedy chops are questionable, he does have a certain unctuous charm about him. And if SNL is looking for another Stefan, we know Romney can handle gay voice. More to the point, having Romney on the show is a way to breathe new life into SNL's 2012 election coverage, which pales in comparison to Tina-Fey-as-Sarah-Palin in 2008.

While SNL has had fun portraying the drawn out Republican race as circus-like, the staff acknowledges it has been difficult to rival 2008 and Tina Fey's popular turn as Sarah Palin. Having the real Romney could open up new possibilities to a race that, from a comedic standpoint, risks growing stale.

Again, there has been no official confirmation: the word is Romney is still only considering the offer. But it's worth noting that there are two dates left this season without hosts attached. A Romney-hosted SNL finale would certainly be buzzworthy.

But is it already too late to snag Santorum?

[Image via AP]