[There was a video here]

Company B's weird freestyle/house hybrid "Fascinated" (from 1986) contains my second-favorite first line in pop music: "I want to play with you tonight." Really into the direct approach here. (The last line of the first verse is hilarious, too: "Maybe we could play tonight." I get the feeling that maybe this lady really wants to play?) And don't even get me started on the "love toy" part. This song is a national treasure.

(My favorite first line is that of Erykah Badu's "Tyrone": "I'm gettin' tired of your shit, you don't never buy me nothing." Third is MoKenStef's "He's Mine": "He might be doin' you, but he's thinking about me." I could go on all day.)

The official video for "Fascinated" is pretty remarkable (for the hair alone), but since Dance Party USA is the best show that ever was and I have hours of footage of it, I thought I'd put it to use. Get into it.