A week ago, the name Charles Sonder was known only to his friends and family. Today, the 24-year-old subway vigilante better known as Snackman has his very own profile in the New York Times.

An architect by trade, Sonder didn't think twice before he put himself and his Pringles in the line of ass-kicking between two warring factions on an uptown No. 6 train. A Rhode Island expat who moved to NYC two years ago, Sonder says he was a wrestling champ in high school, and was no stranger to seeing things "get out of hand" in the world of sports.

The everyday superhero told DNAinfo.com he's received "about 50" love texts from his adoring fans since the video went viral — including a few marriage proposals.

Sonder, a Brooklynite, says he is single, but is doing just fine getting girls "without 'Snackman's' help."

That may be true, but if there's one thing Snackman taught us, it's that everyone could use Snackman's help every now and then.

[screengrab above via YouTube, photo inside via The New York Times]