Everyone loves a good "Oh, girl. YOU JUST GOT CALLED OUT" story. Today's comes from San Francisco.

A restaurant manager took to Twitter a couple days ago to track down a woman from San Fran's Marina district who, he claims, beat him over the head with a high heeled Louboutin pump, to the point of bleeding, after he chastised her for drunkenly punching another stranger.


Here's how Matt Meidinger explained his story to Grub Street San Francisco:

The alleged suspect, accompanied by what Meidinger describes as two "good-sized" male companions (6'2-6'5; 230 – 260lbs), was standing in the middle of the sidewalk after leaving a bar last Saturday night, switching her black Louboutins for flip flops.

The Louboutin detail is critical to the story. It has been featured prominently in every iteration since it's gone viral.

As she was swapping fashion for flopshion, a male passerby accidentally bumped one of her Louboutins with his shoe. The woman began yelling at him. When he turned to apologize, Good-Sized Male Companion 1 punched him in the face.

Here's where Meidinger himself enters the tale, with the great line:

"Whoa! Take it easy! Kicking a shoe doesn't equal a punch in the face, Louboutins or not!"

Followed by the woman's response, almost equally good:

"Yes it does!"

At this point, Meidinger claims, the mystery blonde smashed one of her heels into his skull, causing blood to "pour down" the left side of his face. When Meidinger pulled out his mobile phone to call the cops, Good-Sized Male Companion 2 threw it across the street. A Good Samaritan of Unknown Size allowed Meidinger to use his phone to call police but, in the ensuing chaos (somewhere in there the scene seems to have devolved into a massive brawl involving an even greater cast of characters), the woman and her good-sized male companions got away.

Meidinger spent the night in the emergency room. He claims the force of the woman's blow "cracked [his] skull."

But, oh, don't worry. THIS GIRL GOT CALLED OUT.

The next day, Meidinger posted to his Twitter and Facebook a photo of the woman and one of her good-sized male compansions (he's the one in the dark shirt, whose face is mostly obscured) and asked if anyone might be able to identify her. She was, it seems,

"...a frequenter of the Marina social scene."

With the Internet's help (he also offered $500 for her name), Meidinger was eventually able to identify his alleged assaulter and provide her information to police.

But now the plot has thickened.

Earlier today, Grub Street posted an update suggesting that the Louboutin Ninja may claim she and her Good Sized companions were accosted first and acted out self defense.

One thing is for sure: people everywhere are super into hating this woman.

The story has already made it overseas to the Daily Mail, where one commenter time traveled all the way back from the 19th century to note she is "a horsey-looking old wench."

Back on the alleged well-heeled assailant's home turf, the blog SFist introduced a poll asking "Who Does S.F. Hate More: Marina Louboutin Skullcrusher vs. Castro Pedestrian Killer?"

The Castro killer, a cyclist who plowed down a 71-year-old man after running a red light, is currently in the lead, but only by a slim margin. He has 55% of the votes.


That girl just got called out.

[Grub Street San Francisco, via CBS // image via Getty]