After a brutal year of female-alienating policy debates, the GOP has settled on a message it apparently thinks will appease the ladies: "Don't Let Barack Obama & Democrats Insult Women, MOMS DO WORK!" The mug-friendly slogan is, of course, an outgrowth of Ann Romney's war against left-leaning pundit Hilary Rosen, who said last night that Ann "never worked a day in her life."

Two problems: First, Hilary Rosen has no tie to Obama and questionable ties to the DNC. Second, though Rosen's "never worked a day" soundbite is pretty painful, it was presented in the context of Mitt saying that he uses Ann for advice on women and the economy. It's true that Mitt's claim was misguided—not because Ann "never worked a day in her life," but because Ann has spent her adult life in an extremely atypical economic reality that involves spending more money on her fleet of dressage horses than plenty of people spend on their children.

Of course, just because the GOP's mommy message is nonsensical doesn't mean it won't get repeated ad nauseum every time a female Republican is near a microphone, ever. Maybe Ann Romney will be Mitt's saving grace, after all. [, Weigel, Politico, images via Getty,]

Update: LA Times political reporter Maeve Reston notices a "Moms Drive the Economy" bumper sticker.