Khristopher J. Brooks is a young reporter who was excited to be hired by the Delaware News-Journal last week. In a playful little gesture, he wrote up a fake "press release" on his own personal Tumblr announcing, "On Wednesday April 4, 2012, the News Journal Media Group acquired veteran education reporter Khristopher J. Brooks." He included some quotes about his career and background on the paper itself. For this, he was immediately fired, because NEWSPAPER WORK MUST NEVER BE FUN.

I defy any reasonable, well-balanced human to find something objectionable in what Khristopher Brooks wrote. Romenesko posted Brooks' mock press release yesterday; by the end of the day, Brooks had been fired "for improper use of the newspaper's logo on his personal sites, and for using executive editor David Ledford's hiring-letter quotes in his press release."

Well, that's what happens when you go to work for the top secret U.S. Delta Force. Oh, sorry, no—it was actually a newspaper. He'd been hired at a newspaper. My mistake. God forbid a newspaper editor's "hiring-letter quotes" get out into the world at large. That could almost be construed as news. And god forbid anyone see a newspaper's logo on the internet. That could, theoretically, lead someone to read this newspaper. That's an immediate firing offense. And happiness, about being hired into the newspaper industry? Sign of mental instability. Fire him at once.

Khristopher, try to see it as a blessing in disguise. You would have been working for a fool.

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