After three teenage girls left dog poop and antisemitic syrup graffiti in front of the home of a classmate whose grandparents are holocaust survivors, actor/comedian/critic Jon Lovitz sprung into action.

Lovitz, who is a friend of the family, took to his Twitter to denounce the hateful act he claimed was perpetrated by "3 popular girls in school who did this" to bully his friend's daughter. "You mess with me , I retaliate.. TIMES TEN!" Lovitz continued. "Jews are no longer victims. And the world doesn't like it."

The perps were eventually apprehended, but will not be charged. The involvment of a mother who drove them to the home is still under investigation.

Lovitz followed up last night with his own update!!!, telling his Twitter followers the girls "have been expelled from their school permanently."

Bullies: 0, Jon Lovitz: 0 (because 10 times 0 is 0).

[The Daily Dot, photos via @realjonlovitz, WENN]