UCLA was forced to send out retractions to 894 high school seniors who were inadvertently admitted to the elite school following a slip-up on the part of the financial aid office.

The temporarily elated high schoolers, who were listed on UCLA's first-ever waitlist, were accidentally sent a letter intended exclusively for already accepted students informing them that their grant aid had been increased. The email included the sentence "Once again congratulations on your admission to UCLA," which led to the confusion.

After the waitlisted students contacted the financial aid office, the department realized its error and sent out a clarification.

"We realize this is a particularly anxious and stressful time for students and their families as they try to make decisions about college admissions," said UCLA spokesman Ricardo Vazquez. "We sincerely apologize for this mistake that may have led some of them to think they were admitted when they remain on the waiting lists."

Student newspaper The Daily Bruin looks on the bright side: At least this episode wasn't as bad as when UC San Diego sent out admission letter to already rejected applicants. Oof. This sort of thing should probably stop happening with such frequency.

[image via AP]