A nanny in Northbrook, an affluent Chicago suburb, was arrested last week after she stole $600 from the wallets of the kids she was watching. According to a police report, the children's father confronted Alexandra Donohue, 22, after noticing the money was missing. She initially denied taking the money, but later admitted to police that she had — the one flaw in an otherwise flawless defense.

And now, a million questions:

1. Obviously, why did the kids have $600 in their wallets?

2. If the kids were old enough to be trusted with $600 (and I guess they weren't – they really dropped the ball on this one), weren't they old enough not to need a nanny?

3. How many kids are we talking? $600 spread between two kids is a lot of money per kid; $600 spread among six hundred kids is very different.

4. Did the nanny think no one would notice that $600 was missing?

5. Why was that father rifling through his kids' wallets? Maybe he realized it wasn't a good idea to leave his children, armed with a cool $600 cash, in the care of an outsider. But then why do it in the first place?

6. Is it possible he was trying to steal from his incredibly rich kids?

7. Why didn't the nanny think to buy the kids' silence with some ice cream?

8. Did the kids know they had $600 in their wallets?

9. Did the kids tell the nanny they had $600 in their wallets?

10. Did the nanny just habitually go through the kids' wallets, maybe one day finding a button, one day a nickel from in between the couch cushions, and then, one day, $600?

11. Do you think the kids told their dad they needed lunch money, and he responded, "Oh, okay – how much does lunch cost nowadays?" and the kids were like "God, Dad, I don't know, like $600?"

12. Grown-ups love to give little kids money tucked inside change purses. Are we actually talking change purses here? Or are we talking high quality, Italian leather wallets?

13. – 1,000,000. Seriously, why did the kids have $600 in their wallets?

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