Could it be that all of the facile Republican rhetoric about college being for snobbish elites who don't want to connect with real, moral America is absolutely true? Yes. Well. In the sense that college makes you more racist. Though Republicans should support that! So much cognitive dissonance today.

According to a new study, going to college makes people care less about "helping to promote racial understanding." To be perfectly clear about this: they polled people about their attitudes on this issue when they got to college, after one year at college, and when they finished college, and found that, across all races, people cared less and less and less about promoting "racial understanding" the further they went through college. Read all about it in Inside Higher Ed.

Let's just briefly enumerate the stereotypes which would appear to be shattered by this data:

1. College is a politically correct haven which brainwashes kids into politically correct thinking.
2. College makes people more liberal.
3. College-educated people are less racist than everyone else.
4. College is a place to meet new types of people and experience new cultures and gain understanding of people outside of one's own cultural bubble.

Yes, this issue may be slightly more complicated than this, but don't upset our groove. Republicans should all be sending their kids to college, whatever the cost! The battle to destroy racial understanding in America can't be won by stupid articles in various right-wing publications alone. Get your kids out of church, and send them... to F.S.U.!

Go 'Noles! Divide and conquer!

[Inside Higher Ed. Photo: AP]