Mayim Bialik, the once be-sunflowered jewel of the 90's, has joined the ranks of fellow whacky mothers Alicia Silverstone and January Jones. Bialik has penned a parenting book called, Beyond The Sling: A Real-Life Guide To Raising Confident, Loving Children The Attachment Parenting Way. The. Sling. Because it is about the joys of "attachment parenting" and breastfeeding your toddler.

In the The Sling—which is, first of all, an excellent name for a book about breastfeeding a child who is probably too big to fit in said sling—Bialik provides a detailed description about how she breastfeeds her three-and-a-half your old son Fred. With her boob, I would think, but apparently it's a far more complicated process than this. I guess it's one that involves slings?

If you are like me (childless, think all children under three look similar), you might understand that this seems a bit old to breastfeed, but you can't quite grasp the situation because you don't understand what a typical three-and-half-year-old child is capable of. Maybe you need some perspective to fully grasp the grossness of this. Allow me to illuminate: a child who is almost four can walk, run, throw and catch a ball, ride a tricycle, assemble simple puzzles, and speak. (I might be wrong here; know that I did some very surface googling about kids.)

Meaning, little Fred can run, walk and/or tricycle right on up to his mother and ask for the spigot. Still though, nothing is as disconcerting as these melon heads.

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