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The dialogue Peter Dinklage is given in Game of Thrones is so disproportionately rich and witty that I wonder if his castmates are jealous. It almost seems karmic to make someone from an underrepresented minority a show's star and most likable character. It's kind of like Disney World, where the disabled get a chance to have their day of priority (they zip to the front of lines with the speed that not even a Fastpass affords). But Tyrion's position isn't a matter of affirmative action: the brilliant thing about the character is that there's logic behind his sharpness, both in terms of physical survival and the assertion of his own existence. You can see in the reel above that his increasingly campy sister, Cersei Lannister (Lena Headey), blames him for killing their mother (she died in his childbirth). She obviously always has, and a man can even crumble under that stigma or use it to be great. For Tyrion, it's the latter.

I find myself drawn to the fringes more than those characters asserting and vying for the patriarchy of the show. The female characters typically have more nuanced struggles and regularly outsmart the dopey, power-hungry males who yammer relentlessly and pass notes like schoolgirls. The exception here is Theon Greyjoy (Alfie Allen) to whom I am now extremely drawn after seeing him in that multi-position sex scene. I didn't even know he was hot until I saw him naked. It's like when you dream about having sex with someone that you weren't attracted to before, and then it becomes a thing in your head where you're like, "I guess we have to have sex?" So what I'm saying is that I guess I have to have sex with Theon Greyjoy, bye.