A Twitter account purporting to be Ryan Gosling is responsible for hiding 200 Gosling-themed eggs around New York City. Although it's doubtful that this is actually the actor's doing — he's never been that big on Twitter himself — it still feels like a delightful Easter miracle. Besides, if he's saving people from speeding cars, who's to say he's not helping everyone get in the holiday spirit with a citywide Easter egg hunt?

At the time of this article's publication, @GoslingEaster has just over 50 followers. Each egg has a link to the Twitter account, though, so that number is likely to grow throughout the day. And while these eggs may never have been touched by Ryan Gosling himself, they do include charming messages and holiday greetings.

But really, can't we just pretend it's Gosling? He's at least as believable as the Easter Bunny.

[Image via Twitter/@goslingeaster]