Thomas Kinkade, the so-called "Painter of Light," died on Friday at the age of 54. Kinkade purported to be "America's most-collected living artist," which makes sense given the unverifiable (but frequently cited) claim that one in twenty American homes have a Thomas Kinkade piece.

Kinkade's paintings are known for being "warm," "familiar," and "mass-produced." (He was very popular with the QVC set.) His artwork frequently employed religious themes, which he credited to his strong faith in God.

The artist is survived by his wife and four daughters, who were "shocked and saddened" by his sudden death. He lives on in his work — which you can find everywhere, especially SkyMall — and in the movie Thomas Kinkade's Christmas Cottage, starring Supernatural hunk Jared Padalecki as the "Painter of Light."

[Image via AP]