You know when you're reading a book, and the book is kind of meh, and so you decide to roll a joint, but then you realize you ran out of rolling papers and forgot to buy a new pack, because you are a stoner? Sucks, right? Problem solved, thanks to the melted brain of America's favorite burnout, Snoop Dogg.

Rolling Papers, Snoop's new "songbook," is actually just a book full of Snoop's new rolling papers, Kingsize Slims. The pages have Snoop's lyrics printed on them, but if you are buying a book full of rolling papers then it is probably a safe assumption that you already know every word to "What's My Name" and "Still a G Thang," anyway. The book's cover is made from hemp, and there's a match striking surface on the spine, since real Gs don't use lighters, or something.

Books: Still good for something. Snoop Dogg: Still high.

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