A 40-year-old woman from Altoona, Pennsylvania was recently arrested for drunk driving after she tried (or, perhaps more tellingly, after she failed) to seduce a state trooper. And now you want some details, right?

• A state trooper followed Monica Barnhart to a private residence for questioning after witnessing her car swerving all over the Interstate at speeds ranging from 40-90 mph.

• By the time he made it to the residence, she was already inside.

• By the time she opened the door, she had already taken off her pants.

• Meaning now she was wearing just a shirt (green) and underwear (color not specified).

• When the officer attempted to question her about her driving, Barnhart offered him two yellow roses (potentially, this is where she went wrong; yellow roses mean "friendship," not "love").

• The officer "told her he didn't want any flowers." (see above)

• Barnhart explained the flowers were integral to her "cop fantasy."

• The officer noted that Barnhart "reeked" of alcohol.

• Though she answered the home's front door in her underwear, Barnhart told the officer she did not live there.

• The officer "briefly suspected" she might have broken into the home.

• It turns out she knew the homeowner, who was not present.

• The incident occurred at 1:45 p.m.

Sadly for Barnhart, her super trooper sexy cop fantasy was not to be. After she put on her jeans, the officer drove her to a local police station, where a blood test revealed her BAC to be four times over the legal limit. She eventually admitted to driving the vehicle the state trooper saw swerving all over the roads.

She was charged with driving under the influence and several traffic violations, but maintains her innocence. She's due in court this May.

So, what do we think? Did Barnhart really have a cop fantasy, or was she just trying to flirt her way out of a serious legal offense? If the latter, whence her yellow roses on such short notice? Actually, even if the former, whence her yellow roses on such short notice? Did she have them with her in the car? Did she take them from a vase in the home she did not own? What was the officer meant to do with the roses, as part of the fantasy? Have you ever seduced a cop?

Or even just a security guard?

[Altoona Mirror // Image via AP]