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If you can say one thing about Wendy Dickey, the mother seen in the video above who's become something of a regular on Toddlers & Tiaras, it's that she's unpretentious. You may remember her as the woman who dressed her 3-year-old daughter Paisley as a whore (specifically, a Julia Roberts-styled whore), which she defended on last night's episode: "She would not be as well known if it were not for that costume." Indeed, Paisley's ascendance to fame has been a true Cinda-fuckin'-rella story. (Not that I have to ask, but what does living through your fuck-me-booted 3-year-old say about Wendy?)

Last night, Wendy was up to her old tricks, dressing Paisley as a biker Lady Gaga ("Judas"-era, I guess). Part of Paisley's routine involved removing her skirt. Don't worry, she was wearing pants. But the real question is: was Wendy?