Mirlande Wilson, the Maryland woman who has dubiously claimed to have a winning Mega Millions ticket, had a much-anticipated press conference today with her lawyer. Did she finally show the world her winning ticket, brandished atop a little gold pillow?

Well, no. Not exactly. From the New York Post:

The Baltimore woman who claims to have a winning Mega Millions ticket didn't say a single word at a bizarre press conference today in which even her own lawyer said he didn't know if she won or not.

"I can't say with any certainty that this ticket exists. You never say that it's so until you've seen it with your own eyes," said lawyer Eddie Smith Jr. appearing at his office with Marlinde Wilson, the McDonald's worker who claims she's won the record jackpot.

Wilson, 37, showed up 45 minutes late wearing a snug pink T-shirt and baseball cap emblazoned with a cartoon pig and the words "Sweet Swine."

Ah, but she's already dressing like a millionaire!

[Image via MyFoxDC]