Are you the type of person who buys experiences, or the type of person who buys things? You're the type of person who buys Funyuns. Yes, we know. But what you do with those Funyuns reveals whether or not you are a huge jerk.

The NYT reveals the very latest scientific studies, which show that people who buy experiences—taking your Funyuns to Iceland and posing them in quirky pictures‐are happier in life, and popular and outgoing, whereas people who buy things—framing their Funyuns on their apartment wall and not letting anyone else touch them—are unhappy and perceived as "shallow." But is it really so simple?

Told of the studies, Brandon Holley, the editor in chief of Lucky, the shopping magazine published by Condé Nast, said she struggled with the two kinds of buying herself. "There's an $1,800 Prada dress I want right now," she said. "Do I spend it or take three weekends in Montauk?"

Some people can't be redeemed, even by three weekends in Montauk.