A Brooklyn journalist is looking to crack open the biggest story since Watergate: Are there actually women who don't like Ryan Gosling? He posted this Craigslist ad in search of "women who DISLIKE Ryan Gosling for an article." A difficult quest, given that Ryan Gosling's approval ratings hit an all time high yesterday after warning British journalist Laurie Penny about an oncoming Taxi. (More on that later.)

Update: It turns out the ad was posted by Death and Taxes writer Ned Hepburn, who has written an article called "Women Against Ryan Gosling." A sample of the anti-Gosling sentiment he collected:

Specifically, I do not like his face. He looks manufactured. His eyes are too close together, his face is too smooth, his cheeks are too flat, his hair is too neatly coifed. Even his beard looks like it's bored. He looks like a Hitler-youth love child of Haley Joel Osment and Chuck Norris. Also, his voice sounds contrived. It's as though he's trying his best to do an imitation of someone who is laid-back and fun.

Finally, an unheard population has found a voice. [via Videogum]