A homeless man in Anderson, Indiana was arrested Monday after police found him playing "baseball" with a severed cat head.

("Baseball" in quotes not because of the cat head element, obviously horrible, but because how can you play baseball with one person?)

According to local newspaper the Herald Bulletin, prior to combining America's pastime with his love of cat heads, Davis also combined a tank of gasoline with his aunt's back porch. He then set the porch on fire, which is why police were initially called to the scene, so maybe he's not the great guy you thought he was back when you heard the first part of the story.

While Anderson fire chief Phil Rogers initially said there were two cat heads involved, on Tuesday, he amended his statement to say there was only one, raising the question: how hard is it to count one cat head?

Davis, 32, was charged with arson and killing a domestic animal.

If he really wanted to upset the cat, he should have just breaded it. Cats do not suffer that kind of indignity lightly.

If, on the other hand, he really wanted to play baseball, he should have just found a baseball.

[Image via AP]