Looks like Chevy Chase and Community creator Dan Harmon are embroiled in a good ol' fashioned Hollyweirdo fight. I guess Dan told Chevy his wife is fat or something and then Chevy responded in the best way he knew how: with words, venomous, powerful words.

That's not actually what happened, but with feuds like this, where everyone involved is probably a lunatic, who really cares what happened? Sit back and let this play out like an episode of Entourage in which Chevy Chase is outraged and calls his boss a stinko. Fantastic. Ari must be fuming. Of course if you must, you may read what the winds of the rumormill hath spun for yourself. Or just sit back and enjoy this stinko nonsense from the King of the L.A. Stinkos.

Chevy Chase Throws a Tantrum: Community Creator's 'Got Bad Writing, Shit, Stinko'
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