Here is the trailer for Aaron Sorkin's new HBO series The Newsroom, set to premier June 24. What's it about? Well basically, it's a show about the evils of the internet created by someone who believes the internet is evil. It's also about the news, the current state of our country, politics, celeb culture, web culture, the right, the left, the perils of capitalism, and how girls can make you act cuh-razy.

Jeff Daniels plays William McAvoy, a Keith Olbermann-like top slated news anchor on the brink of "losing everything" after eschewing his notoriously neutral facade and going on a highly publicised leftist rant. "He's trying to do good! And he's risking a lot to do it," we are told, in typical Sorkin fashion. As James Poniewozik put it in his assessment of the trailer, "And there's the Sorkin of TV, who basically makes his characters idealized mouthpieces with certain flaws–they're workaholics, they make questionable romantic choices, etc.–that don't get in the way of making them powerful vehicles for powerfully saying things Sorkin (and the imagined Sorkin viewer) believe to be true." Which isn't necessarily a bad thing if the Daniels and Sorkin duo can keep the situations believable, the characters—cookie-cutter though they may be—compelling.

But good for Jeff Daniels. He is one of those mystifying few who, though a totally capable actor, has had the career of a roller coaster; for every Goodnight, and Good Luck there is a Howl of a pitfall waiting in the wings. Daniels is bolstered by greats Emily Mortimer, Sam Waterson, and hell yeah, there's Monster-In-Law Jane Fonda, but otherwise the cast is relatively new and relatively young: Dev Patel (Slumdog Millionaire), John Gallagher Jr., and Allison Pill (you hush, Olivia Munn) form the bright-eyed, internet-savvy representatives of youth.

So what do you think? Will you tune in June 24th? Or will you wait for someone to email you a supercut, "Newsroom In 60 Seconds" because you are an asshole?

(Ha! On a side note, I noticed that one of the episodes was written by Gideon Yago, of MTV fame. My friend once saw him in Chinatown. She said he looked alright. Good for Gideon Yago too.)