The official Criterion Twitter account has news of an exciting upcoming release: 1990's Kindergarten Cop.

From the website—

Historically, the policier and the family comedy were two distinct categories. Then, in 1990, Kindergarten Cop gave us all a lesson in genre revisionism. With muscular sensitivity, Hollywood's last action hero Arnold Schwarzenegger embodies detective John Kimble, who is compelled to go undercover as a teacher of five-year-olds in order to catch a ponytailed drug dealer.

Eagle-eyed Criterion fans will note that this is an April Fool's prank, and that Criterion does it every year. But fans of Kindergarten Cop — of which I am obviously one — reserve the right to be extra delighted by this year's pick.

Of course, if you crave fake Criterion cover art year-round, you can always peruse the Fake Criterions Tumblr. It's just hard to believe anything you find there will top Kindergarten Cop.

(Special thanks to former Best Week Ever blogger Michelle Collins for bringing this to my attention.)