A San Diego woman gave birth to a baby boy in the front passenger seat while her husband was speeding down the freeway. Christy and Matt Henry were en route to the hospital when Christy unexpectedly, uh, popped the li'l guy out.

"All of a sudden, I hear what sounded like a loud water balloon popping. She said, 'My water just broke,'" [Matt] recalled.

He drove even faster. Then he heard the words, "I just had the baby." He looked over and saw the crying boy she was holding up.

The baby was born at 2:03 a.m. — Christy checked the time on the dashboard — a mere two hours after she had first woken up her husband with news of her contractions. The couple brought their healthy boy to the hospital, where Matt cut the umbilical cord.

Matt, who is a pastor at EastLake Church, said God had them in mind. Obviously Christy deserves some major credit, too. As Matt put it, "My wife is such a rock star, to deliver her baby into her own hands." Yeah, it's pretty bad-ass.

[Image via Flickr/kla4067]