What is up with all the violence against bunnies lately? Between the death of Little Til, Herman Cain's dead rabbit ad, and the kidnapping of Miss Cooper, it's a bad time to be a bunny or bunny enthusiast.

Here comes another awful bunny story out of — I'm not going to say anything — Florida. A 35-year-old man killed three pet bunnies with his hands. Reginald Owen Sear, Jr. had been arguing with his wife over who would wake up early to feed the animals.

He took the bunnies into the bathroom and twisted them to death with his hands. The couple's children didn't witness the killing but one child reported seeing Sear emerge from the bathroom with blood on his face, according to the newspaper.

Sear pleaded guilty to three counts of animal cruelty, two counts of child abuse, and one count of domestic battery. He will likely receive two years in prison, where he will not have to wake up early to feed any bunnies.

[Image via Flickr/wwarby]