Most reality shows pay their casts for their time and work. A new reality show about yachting, however, has come up with the ultimate gambit for casting eccentric rich people: To be a featured passenger on the show's yacht, you must pay $50,000 to charter the boat.

The show is scheduled to run on a "major cable network" and will revolve around "yachties," the "young, fun, hot crew" that lives and works on a 163-foot yacht. For the show to work, actual rich people need to charter the vessel and feel entitled to treat the yachties like crap—which producers will ensure forcing the vacationers to pay tens of thousands of dollars to be there.

According to the casting notice, $50K buys a luxurious maritime vacation and "awesome publicity."

Once in a lifetime casting opportunity for an upscale (about to film) docu-series for major cable network about "yachties"—the young, fun, hot crew that live and work aboard this 163' superyacht (flyer attached). The boat is in St. Martin, and each episode will feature a different group of charter guests getting on the yacht and enjoying the ultimate vacation—it's all 5-star service and private dinners on beaches that can be accessed only by private yacht and sunbathing on deserted beaches and shopping.

Production company needs a few groups of awesome charter guests - fun people *who will actually pay $50K to go on this yacht for 3 days and be filmed* - they can bring up to 5 or 6 friends—$50K flat—the yacht normally charters for $200,000/week. Group will be flown down to St. Martin, put up for two days, then brought to yacht for a 3-day charter.

They start filming (first charter group gets on the boat) April 9th, last group of guests gets on the boat May 7th. So you need to apply right now.

The best way to apply is to go to

Remember: You need to pay $50k to charter the yacht (which normally costs $200k). It's not a competition where you win money. You'd be actually paying $50k to charter the boat (some groups are actually splitting the cost between 5 or 6 friends or family members). But it'll just be you and your entourage — and the yacht's crew—and if selected, you'll be featured in a 1-hour episode on a major cable network. Which... is awesome publicity if you are an entrepreneur or in PR or seeking brand exposure etc. And it will be really, really fun!

"Featured episode in a reality show" is the "vacation scrapbook" of moneyed show-offs. [BelowDeckCasting]