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Last night, MTV premiered The Pauly D Project, but it was more of a chore than a project. A spin-off documenting the jet-setting life of the most likeable Jersey Shore cast member (not that that's saying much) and his band of disciples, Project has all the charisma and excitement of belly button lint acting out Entourage.

The main drama of the premiere hinged on whether or not Pauly would get a residency at the Palms in Las Vegas, a deal that's been public knowledge for almost a year now. This shit isn't even worth mustering a yawn for. The video above illustrates how much Pauly and his show have to say: it's a reel of the 20 or so times the crew bellowed, "Yeah buddy!"

Just when you thought Jersey Shore couldn't get worse, along comes this sub-garbage. His hair provides the spikes in the coffin of a franchise that has long outstayed its welcome.