The recipient of the world's first silicone breast implants is and was a total bad-ass. Here are some facts about her from the BBC News Magazine's A Brief History of Breast Enlargements:

  • First of all, she has one of those great girl names comprised entirely of male names: Timmie Jean Lindsey.
  • Her surgery took place in 1962 at Jefferson Davis Hospital in Houston, making fake boobs Jefferson Davis' greatest legacy.
  • Timmie Jean was at the hospital to have tattoos (roses and vines) removed from her breasts.
  • She was a mother of six.
  • Doctors asked if Timmie Jean wouldn't mind volunteering to be the first recipient of silicone breast implants, but she was more concerned about getting her ears pinned back.
  • "My ears stood out like Dumbo!" she says.
  • The doctors agreed to pin her ears back, gratis, if she'd let them roam around inside her tatas for a few hours.
  • Timmie Jean was all over it.
  • The operation bumped Timmie Jean's natural B cup up to a C.
  • She "thought they came out just perfect… They felt soft and just like real breasts."
  • [Mad] Men on the street agreed; she got a lot of wolf whistles post-implants.
  • Timmie Jean didn't tell most friends or family about the surgery for decades, allowing them to draw their own conclusions after realizing her breasts had jumped a cup size overnight.
  • Fifty years on, she admits they're a little saggier than she'd like them to be.
  • She is awesome and she can recognize things that are awesome:
  • "'It's kind of awesome to know that I was first,' she says."

The whole write-up is actually pretty interesting and well worth a read if you or someone you know has breasts. Have at it.

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