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This press release came to us earlier this month. Michael Lohan should probably be in jail on "being a horrible person charges," and "aiding and abetting Michael Lohan's PR effort" should be a low-level felony. If you don't understand why, you should be in PR.

Lohan Leaves Rehab

Interview Opportunity - Michael Lohan, Actor, Father of Lindsay Lohan Promotes Substance Abuse Awareness

After the incident with Kate Major, Actor Michael Lohan appeared on Celebrity Rehab to clean himself up. Following his release he's back fighting the war on substance abuse working with Palm Partners of Delray Beach where he's doing Interventions.

He's also dealing with his daughter's jail sentence, posing in Playboy, and her appearance hosting Saturday Night Live.

Lohan is available to talk about his life and his daughter Lindsay by answering these questions:

What really happened between you and Kate Major?
Was Palm Partners successful and how has my life changed because of their program?
Why did you choose to work at Palm Partners?
What are the parameters of your job at Palm Partners?
Is it true that you are opening a very high end, very private rehab facility for high end clients?
What was it like for you to see your daughter host SNL, one of the most iconic shows on TV?
Were you upset with Lindsay posing for Playboy?
Is Lindsay determined to stay clean and how do you plan to help her achieve that?
Did her stay in prison help change her life for the better and if so how?

Meet Michael Lohan:

Father of movie star and celebrity, Lindsay Lohan
Representative for rehabilitation center, Inspiration
Actor and Entrepreneur

Michael Lohan is available for interviews. Please contact [Lucifer].

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