Well, well, well. It turns out that the Col Allan, the New York Post's penis-rubbing, stripper-loving editor-in-chief, enjoys a very chummy relationship with Anna Gristina, the alleged Manhattan Madam whose recent arrest is spreading panic amongst her reportedly A-list client list. And in a stunning instance of New York news omerta, Allan's archrival the New York Daily News knew all about the relationship but sat on it for weeks.

The New York Observer's Foster Kamer has the story. Three weeks ago, the Daily News reported on secretly taped conversations in which Gristina claimed to have friends in very high places, including the NYPD and FBI. One of those friends whose name didn't make it into the Daily News was Allan:

Ms. Gristina reportedly boasted of her years-long close association with the editor, whom she referred to as a "very, very good friend," and explained that she had personally been responsible for tips leading to more than a few of the Post's most memorable cover stories.

This would explain some things! Like why the Post was uncharacteristically slow on the uptake after Gristina's arrest, seeing as how the unmasking of a high-end hooker operation servicing New York's elite seems right up the Post's alley. And how the Post landed the first exclusive interview of Gristina, and ran a photograph of her sitting on the lap of an unnamed man whom the Post neglected to identify as a retired NYPD cop and former investigator for the Manhattan District Attorney.

And why would the Daily News turn up its nose at a chance to slip the shiv to a sworn enemy? Probably because, as Kamer explains, newly hired editor Colin Myler recently jumped ship from News Corp. and once served as Allan's right-hand man at the Post. Oh what a wicked web! If we know anything about Allan—who loved to show off his VIP status at the strip club Scores by bringing along visiting heads of state to look at the boobies—he's fond of spreading the wealth. And why bother cultivating a relationship with a madam without introducing your friends—maybe even Myler!—to her services?

In other words, this story will have legs, if there are enough non-conflicted people around to tell it. (Speaking of, congratulations to the Observer for getting this one out the door, considering owner Jared Kushner's close personal friendship with Post owner, and Allan enabler, Rupert Murdoch.)

UPDATE: In a statement to the Observer, Allan has denied ever meeting Gristina.