Arizona couple Shane and Sarah Walker were arrested for trying to fuck a dog. Their first mistake, it seems, was all in the Craigslist ad they posted: "Wife looking for K9." Sure it's simple and it's concise, but posted in the personal ads, it doesn't leave a whole lot of mystery. Mystery, say, in case an undercover animal crimes detective is prowling the site looking for just such a couple to take down in a sting, all To Catch a Predator style.

Following several emails, the Walker's agreed to meet the detective at a hotel—he was in charge of bringing the dog—and they, along with Robert Aucker only came alone to watch the dog orgy, were arrested and charged with criminal bestiality. Bestiality is illegal in Arizona, but sometimes a silly little law is not enough; forked tongued Sheriff Joe Arpaio has since stepped in and personally asked "the website Craigslist to better monitor their personal ads."

The trio will certainly make for welcome additions to Sheriff Joe's dinner party entertainment roster.

[Images via AP/Maricopa County Sheriff's Office/Shutterstock]