Earlier this week, University of Texas student Stephanie Eisner managed to outrage just about everybody with her editorial cartoon about the Trayvon Martin case. I mean, it was "controversial," which is a euphemism for "it was racist." Unintentionally, perhaps, but still. Dayum. Yesterday, Stephanie Eisner apologized. Today, she's already been canned.

The editorial board of The Daily Texan issued their own apology last night, noting "The cartoonist, Stephanie Eisner, no longer works for The Daily Texan."

To their credit, they take responsibility for "a failure in judgment" in running the cartoon. To their discredit, they've now pulled the cartoon off their website again, after we congratulated them yesterday for leaving it up, facing the reality, and covering the controversy as news. (To recap: they posted it, took it down briefly when the controversy hit, re-posted it, and now have pulled it again, all in the span of a few days.) Yes, it's a shitty cartoon. But it's already "out there." Scrubbing things off the internet is not a nod of respect to anyone. It's just an after-the-fact whitewash attempt.

Maybe Stephanie Eisner was right about this media bias thing! Bluurrrrrrggggghhhhh.