Newly released security camera footage (video link) of George Zimmerman being led into the Sanford police station appears to contradict reports that he had been violently attacked prior to shooting 17-year-old Trayvon Martin.

While the video, first obtained by ABC News, is not of the highest quality, it certainly seems as though a handcuffed Zimmerman is in pretty normal, even tip-top, shape.

Police reports claim Zimmerman was bleeding from the nose—his lawyer alleges it was broken (NY Times link)—and suffering from a swollen lip and bloody lacerations to the back of his head by the time cops arrived at the scene.

Zimmerman was tended at the scene by paramedics but did not go to a hospital.

His lawyer's chair recently provided no answer when it was asked by interviewer Lawrence O'Donnell "Do you have photographs of your client's broken nose [from the night of the incident]?"

[Image via ABC News]