The fervent patriots over at E! Online took a bold stance against monarchical rule today, captioning an otherwise bland Windsor family update with an elegantly-scripted logo reading "Die Royals." [Update: The typo has been fixed and now reads "The Royals." Alles klar.]

Here are three explanations for the sudden outburst:
1. The website was hacked by the clandestine IlluminatE! organization.

2. Someone forgot to switch out the German graphics.

3. This is E!'s way of getting back at the Queen for her recent out of control antics. Just last week, she and Vince Vaughn Prince Phillip upstaged a Manchester bride on her wedding day by conspiring to crash the ceremony.

(The groom had sent out what he called a "tongue-in-cheek" invitation to the Queen weeks before, and received a response from a lady-in-waiting regretfully informing him that Her Majesty would be unable to attend the festivities. And then she just went ahead and showed up anyway WITH A PLUS ONE. What a logistical nightmare. Does the Queen want chicken? Does the Queen want beef? Does the Queen mind sitting at the kids' table since, no offense, someone spent kind of a long time working out the seating arrangements?)

Whatever the explanation for the graphic, E! Online's new slogan

The tree of libertE! must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants

certainly sends a strong message.

[Screenshot via E! Online]