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Good Morning America anchor Robin Roberts goes on vacation next week and ABC/Disney has decided to trot out former Today Show queen Katie Couric to fill her slot. With all the rumored upheaval and turmoil at NBC's once untouchable morning program, some sources say this is a diabolical decision by an executive Disney goon squad done to further taunt Today and its flat ratings. The more reasonable assumption is that ABC/Disney will get a good sense of if Couric still has enough bubble-headed charisma to connect with morning audiences since her own talk show is set to premiere on ABC in September. A little early for pre-buzz, though, right?

So let's revel in the backchannel speculation since that's more interesting: A network source hintsJeff Zucker, former NBC Universal executive, and executive producer of Couric's new show decided since Ann Curry's popularity is not-so-great, Matt Lauer stalls on his 'ballplayer' contract and nobody knows who the fuck Savannah Guthrie is, he might as well go in for the kill-shot now. Stay tuned: more kitten-punches will be thrown.