You don't just walk away from a Lawrence O'Donnell interview — especially when he hasn't started asking you anything yet. When George Zimmerman's lawyer Craig Sonner canceled his appearance on The Last Word at the very last-minute, Lawrence O'Donnell decided to interview the chair where Sonner would have sat.

The segment began with O'Donnell reporting first on some of the new developments of the Trayvon Martin story, including Zimmerman's new claims of self-defense. He then noted that Sonner was meant to appear at the top of the hour, but not only canceled, but just "walked out of the studio."

O'Donnell was pissed — and rightfully so. Sonner apparently showed up and then decided to leave. According to O'Donnell, he was returning via the same car that had brought him there. Sonner was supposed to appear on the show to discuss his client's defense, particularly Zimmerman's new description of events. But as far as O'Donnell was concerned, Sonner's quick getaway reflected a lack of confidence in his client.

And then he proceeded with the very surreal interview, turning his attention to the chair Sonner should have been sitting in.

He began asking questions passionately — "Who is paying you?," "Did you represent Zimmerman in the domestic violence case in 2007?," "Do you have photographs of your client's broken nose that night?" — until he exhausted his list of questions, raising his voice dramatically at the empty wooden chair staring back at him helplessly from Orlando, bearing no answers.

Though not exactly helpful to clearing Zimmerman's name, it certainly made for a unique segment.

[Image via AP]