That movie no one will shut up about is setting new records already — The Hunger Games' $68.3 million opening gives it the biggest opening day of any non-sequel, and the fifth-biggest opening of all time. Midnight showings accounted for $19.7 million of the film's take, which gives you a sense of how devoted fans of this series are.

And good news, people who hate Twilight: The Hunger Games is headed toward a $140 million weekend, meaning it might actually be able to dethrone the top Twilight series earner.

The real target is The Twilight Saga: New Moon, which represents the vampire series' best debut so far with $142.8 million. In just one day, The Hunger Games has already nearly equaled what the first Twilight movie earned in an entire weekend ($69.6 million). However, if Katniss can muster a more impressive opening weekend than all of the Twilight entries — well, that'd make for one stunning entrance.

As for the other films currently in theaters, nothing else comes close. 21 Jump Street earned $6.3 million on Friday, which would be more exciting if The Hunger Games hadn't taken in ten times as much. And poor John Carter continues to fall, dropping another 66 percent this week. Well, we already knew things weren't looking up.

[Image via AP]