This is video of Maria Dmitrienko, member of Kazakhstan's shooting team, receiving her gold medal at a ceremony in Kuwait. You might also recognize the song — which should be the Kazakh anthem and is instead the spoof anthem used in the film Borat. While Dmitrienko seems to take it pretty well in the video, the team has demanded an apology.

Some outrage is not entirely surprising, given the lyrics and context of the Borat version.

The spoof song was taken from Sacha Baron Cohen's 2006 film, "Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan," in which Kazakhs are portrayed as inbred racists.

It includes the lines: "Kazakhstan's prostitutes cleanest in the region/Except of course Turkmenistan's."

If it's any consolation to Kazakhstan's shooting team, the event's organizers also bungled the Serbian national anthem. They blamed their mistake on downloading the wrong file, the very same excuse horny teens have been using to cover up online porn indiscretions for the past decade.

Worth noting — it isn't even the first time this month the wrong song has been played instead of the Kazakh anthem. Hopefully third time's a charm.