A pair of 40-something California men were on a gay cruise in the Caribbean this week when police boarded their ship while it was docked in Dominica and arrested them for indecent exposure and "buggery," which is what they call sodomy there. Yesterday morning they pleaded guilty and agreed to pay a $900 fine after a Dominican magistrate called them "rogues and vagabonds."

The men escaped jailtime; their crimes could have been punishable with up to six months in prison. "We humbly apologize to the people of Dominica," the men said during the hearing.

"They were struck by the beautiful mountains, the clean and clear fresh air and were having a few cocktails, and so threw caution to the wind," their lawyer explained.

According to Time, the men were having sex on the ship when someone on the dock saw them, prompting local law enforcement to detain them. The ship—run by cruise line Celebrity Summit—has since departed, leaving the men behind. [AP, Time, image via Celebrity Summit]