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Missing, ABC's Ashley Judd vehicle, returned for its second week last night. The episode featured an especially demanding running-while-screaming scene for Judd, and the Overly-Aggressive Acting Coach was there to guide her.

Overly Aggressive Acting Coach:
Ashley, glad you chose me to help you with this week's episode. After last week, I saw some things in your technique that need a little bit of adjustment. To be blunt: WE NEED MORE EMOTION. Sorry to yell, but this is the big time, here, and you're letting the part play you. So, let's take the first scene we have here... OK, great! Now, let's begin. OK, good, run... faster. Please, run again. Now YELL "MICHAELLLLLLLLLLL." NO, dammit. Not "Michaelll!" I want "MICHAELLLLLLLLLLL!" Eleven "Ls." Let's hit all of them, OK? Again. Running, running... RUN, BITCH... now let it happen. NOOOOO. Eleven fucking Ls, is that so fucking hard? AGAIN. Runningrunningrunning...now! Great. MORE. MORE. Pretend Michael was just snatched from your arms by fleet-footed cannibals and now you're chasing them down the street. THEY HAVE YOUR SON. THEY WILL COOK HIM UP AND MELT HIM DOWN AND EAT HIS DECOMPOSED BONES AND INTESTINES WITH CRUDE WOODEN SPOONS. So, YELLLLLLLLLL... Great. PERFECT. Let's break.

Video by Matt Toder.

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