All Roberto Clemente wanted to do was turn his 5,000 square-foot Southern California McMansion into an invite-only swinger's club called the "Kinky Palace." As you can imagine, his neighbors in the rural residential community of Oak Hill were not pleased.

The bursting of the housing bubble has been good news for sex clubs. On March 1st, longtime-swinger Roberto Clemente bought the big house on a 7-acre property in quiet San Bernadino county, announcing on Kinky Palace's website that, "We have now decided to take advantage of the housing market and instead of renting out locations, we've decided that it's time to buy one and develop it into what an adult lifestyle club should be like." A long schedule of events was planned well into 2013. Future planned expansions included an infinity pool and guest houses, turning the place into a swinger's Club Med.

But Oak Hill residents quickly rebelled, and it was just a few short days before District Supervisor Brad Mitzefelt took to the pages of the Victorville Daily Press promising to stop Kinky Palace by any means necessary.

"This is an outrageous intrusion into a residential neighborhood where children and families expect to enjoy their lives free from this kind of vile incursion, literally next door to their homes," Mitzefelt said.

Perhaps they were taken aback by The Kinky Palace's aggressive advertising. The first rumblings about Kinky Palace on the Oak hills Property Association website was a post by a concerned resident to its forum on March 6th:

Does any one have info on new business going in on Duxbury and Summit Truck Trail called the Kinky Palace at the top of the hill big newer house which has been vacant off and on, it may be just a rumor, but one of the local truck drivers got a flyer up in Bakersfield advertising this new venue in Oak Hills. Who do I call or where do I begin to STOP this.

It seems all of the heat has successfully driven Kinky Palace away. Though Clemente publicly defended his dream this week—"Now the county's rights are inside my bedroom, and that's not fair"—Kinky Palace's website has vanished. Take it to Rio Vista, Clemente.