Wendy's ended Burger King's 40-year reign as America's number two-selling hamburger chain in 2011, CNNMoney reports.

Burger King had held fast to the second place spot since at least 1972, the earliest year for which the research firm Technomic, which released the rankings, has fast food data.

Wendy's U.S. sales totaled $8.5 billion last year, just beating out Burger King's $8.4 billion. The feat is slightly more impressive when you consider that Wendy's has approximately 5,900 locations across the country to Burger King's 7,200, but slightly less impressive when you remember that Burger King is terrible and Wendy's has Frosties.

McDonald's isn't sweating it. The No. 1 fastfood titan pulled in over $34 billion domestically last year.

To visualize that figure, imagine thirty-four billion McChicken sandwiches (from the newly-ruined Dollar Menu) stretching out from here to Narnia and back again, several times.

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