There is a certain percentage of the population that objects to giving their kids vaccinations, because of stuff like Jesus, some book, Jenny McCarthy, whatever. You know, crazy people. Fine, in isolated instances. But when the crazy people reach a critical mass, we all die.

According to the WSJ, immunization rates have to be about 95% in order for the whole thing to work. But now, the nutsos and the mouth-foamers and the book-thumpers

"The Northwest is a black hole for religious exemptions" from vaccination, says Lorraine Duncan, immunization manager in the Oregon Health Authority's Public Health Division. Last year, 5.6% of Oregon kindergartners had a religious exemption for vaccines, up from 2% a decade ago, Ms. Duncan says. In some school zones around Eugene and Portland, more than 10% of children have religious exemptions, and in pockets of the state's southwestern corner, exemption rates are more than 20%, she says.

And guess what, the CDC says we're sure to get a big measles outbreak after everyone travels to the Summer Olympics, which are being held in a dirty country this summer, and comes back home, with measles. So when we all die from measles this fall, you can blame an Oregon Olympic tourist.

Or, you can stop them now.

[WSJ. Photo: Brendon Burton/ Flickr]