Arena: A vast outdoor arena rigged with Panem's high-tech TV cameras as well as traps and challenges to test the tributes fighting each other to the death in the Hunger Games. An arena may contain anything from "a burning desert to a frozen wasteland." After the Hunger Games, the arenas become popular tourist destinations for Capitol citizens.

Avox: A person who has been convicted of treason against The Capitol and subsequently punished by forcible removal of his or her tongue. They are mute.

Career: A volunteer tribute who has trained for his or her entire life to participate in the Hunger Games. Careers typically come from Districts 1, 2 and 4, which are more closely aligned with the Capitol.

Cornucopia: A stockpile of survival-oriented items placed in the middle of the tributes' launch pads before the beginning of the Games. This is typically the location of several early tribute deaths, as many begin fighting over the items contained in the Cornucopia at the outset. In the 74th Annual Hunger Games event, the Cornucopia is horn-shaped, very large and made of metal.

Escort: A Capitol official assigned to accompany and manage each district's male and female tributes as they are selected and prepared for The Hunger Games.

Feasts: If food is scarce and there isn't enough action to placate Capitol viewers during the Hunger Games, the Gamemakers may announce a feast to lure the tributes to the Cornucopia to fight.

Gamemakers: These Capitol citizens are responsible for producing the most exciting and entertaining Hunger Games possible – and they unleash untold havoc on the contestants inside the arena with just a push of a button.

Groosling: A wild bird found in the arena.

Hunger Games: Both a punishment for the Dark Days and a celebrated obsession in the Capitol, each of the 12 districts must provide one girl and one boy, known as tributes, to participate in an annual televised battle to the death in a large outdoor arena. The winner (the last tribute alive) will return to their district to live a life of fame and fortune. The citizens of the winner's district will also receive prizes, consisting mostly of food and supplies, for a year.

Mockingjay: A species of bird which resulted from cross-breeding between mockingbirds and the Capitol-constructed Jabberjays. While they are unable to repeat words and phrases as the parent specie Jabberjay could, they are known to replicate sounds, such as whistling.

Muttation: Capitol-constructed animal monsters which have sharp claws and teeth as well as characteristics which resemble human beings, such as eyes and coloring.

Nightlock Berry: A type of poisonous berry lethal to anyone who consumes it.

Panem: The name of the post-revolutionary country which sprung up, led by the Capitol and comprised of several districts. It is located across what was once known as North America.

Prep Team/Stylists: Each tribute is assigned a team of stylists to help them look their best (according to Capitol standards) at various public appearances related to the Hunger Games. The goal: to lure sponsors to send the tributes gifts inside the arena.

Tessera: in Panem a token for food in exchange for additional Hunger Game entries

Token: Each tribute is allowed to bring something to the Hunger Games that represents their District and reminds them of home. Katniss's token is the mockingjay pin.

Tracker jackers: Poisonous wasp-like bugs designed by the Capitol. They nest in trees and their stinger venom can cause hallucinations and even death in certain doses.

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[Glossary terminology via People, Next Movie]